The Council of Elizabeth Fry Society works to provide up-to-date publications dedicated to advocacy and supportive services across Ontario. We seek to explore how Ontario’s justice system has wide-reaching impacts on marginalized communities, so that we can best understand develop programs and services going forward that best target these intersections.

See our reports and policies below.

A Systemic Response to Sexual Violence & Coercion Perpetrated by the Staff of Correctional Facilities is Needed in Ontario

Feedback on Proposed Updated Regulatory Framework Under MCSA for Strip Searches of People in Custody in Ontario’s Adult Correctional Institutions

    Regulatory Amendments on Strip Searching Miss the Mark: SolGen
    Continues to Perpetuate Violence on those Who Are Incarcerated

    The Kids Are Not OK:
    Ontario PC Government Cuts Child Advocate Office

    An Obligation to Prevent:
    Report from the Ontario Chief Coroner’s Expert Panel on Deaths in Custody

    Ontario PC Government Terminates Independent Adviser on Corrections Reform

    Inquest into the Death of Delilah Blair: Outrage and Heartbreak Are Not Enough

    Council of Elizabeth Fry Societies of Ontario Feedback on Proposed Regulatory Amendments to Strengthen Ontario’s Corrections System

    Recommendation to Improve Telecommunications for Prisoners

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